Catgirl Empire Stellaris

Catgirl Empire Stellaris

Update 05.12.2016 – mod should be 1.4.0 compatible. Please report any issues, cheers!

HOTFIX 23.11.2016 – Personalities fixed. I’m a moron. That is all.

UPDATE: 22.11.2016

* Now (hopefully) fully functioning Diplomatic Responses and personality! Let me know of any bugs, and ill get em fixed!


The one mod Stellaris so desperately needed – enter Catgirl Empire!

Note: If after reading the name of this mod you still expect precise balance…. i don’t know what to say…


A Catgirl namelist – first/last names, ships, planets
2 new Catgirl-only government types
6+ new catgirl-only edicts

And yes, the Catgirls have Sociable / Easily Distracted / Rapid breeders / easily satisfied / Weak Willed. Because you know why ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

REQUIRED MOD DEPENDENCIES: (you MUST have these installed)

1. “6 Trait Picks 3 Trait Points Updated”
2. “Additional traits”
3. “Cheshire Catgirl Portrait”
4. “Svafa’s Expanded Species Traits”

RECOMMENDED MOD DEPENDENCIES: (you don’t need them, as they just change the icon/colors/flag/etc)

1. “48 Empire Colors”
2. “Emblems – abstract”
3. Flags: Emblems & Backgrounds”

Note: This mod was done primarly for myself as a joke, because a friend asked me “i wonder what traits they would have”, and then I remembered about “fast breeders”, and laughed so much i decided to actually make it. If something is incredibly over/underbalanced, i might fix it, but for the most part this is meant just as a fun mod.

Its also very easy to edit, so feel free.

All changes are done in mod-specific files, so should technically be very compatible with other mods.

Red Aria
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