More Camera Control Stellaris

More Camera Control Stellaris

Simple mod giving player more control over the in-game camera.

My main goal with this mod was to make it possible to get closer to the battle with camera.

What it does:
– additional zoom level in systems (over 2 times bigger zoom than normal biggest zoom)
– you can zoom in more when focused on objects(planet, ships)
– increased vertical rotation of camera – you can look “from below” without having to be focused on any object(both in system and galaxy) *

*I wanted to make it possible to look from straight down, but it appears that when you enter/leave a system, vertical angle of camera is set to average of min and max. Normally it means that you are looking on galaxy/system with 55 degree angle(average of 30 and 80), but it made my mod to set it at… 0. Perfectly from the side. It looked quite cool in system view, horrible in galaxy view, and it was annoying to always rotate camera, so the “lowest” angle you can look at system/galaxy is -30 degrees and default is around 35.

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