The Call of Darkness–CMA Stellaris

The Call of Darkness–CMA Stellaris

1.5.1 version is updated
New Features: Adding over 20 Daily Events, allowing you to explore more vivid life of Multyxans.

“For centuries, new empires arising in the galaxy are so curious about what makes Fallen Empires Stagnant. Some guess it is caused by a Galactic Crisis, others prefer to believe in the influence of close door policies, a few even estimate that it’s caused by a giant war broken among them. Fallen Empires, however, never ever seem to have patience to respond to this annoying question and all those naive answers. They know what has caused the stagnant so well, but refuse to even memorize those horrible time. Not even many of their citizens know the truth since the period of that history is buried deep inside their ancient library. Sooner, however, they shall realize what a stupid thing they have done, trying to avoid their unavoidable fate……”

·Join the Centralized Multyx Axis as their Big Brother, start with a ring world system.
·Four traits, 7 civics, a few buildings and one buildable pops designed only for you
·Gain a dozen of new Technology from events, strengthen your empire and guide Multyxans to their final destiny, together with a new Victory condition.
·Utilize powerful weapons designed only for you.
·Explore other dimensions, negotiate with two other mysterious nations for dangerous but profitable projects.
·Summon powerful Guardians from other Dimension to ally with you, or simply force them back under your control again.
·Chase back the long lost history of the Axis, uncover the ultimate secrets of this universe.
·Ally with your only friends and prepare to face powerful crisis targeting only you: Guards, War of Hell, and the final Boss which is…
·And More!

Incoming Updates:
·New Event Chain: what’s beneath the Shroud
Kaolon’s psychotic power has helped him detected something unspeakable. He demands Axis to immediately enter the Shroud together with Turbulent to meet with the End of the Cycle. White Drone, however, stands out and warns Axis about its potential danger and worthless value. He, on the other hand, purposes Hekoray’s plan of uncovering everything about Shroud. Facing the biggest conflict between Psychics and Mechanists, who shall you support? What shall you determine as the CORRECT path Axis should choose………
·New Periodic Events: test your luck
Competition between Psychics and Mechanists never ever stops. To prove that one of them is better than the other, many crazy Psychics and Mechanists have purposed profitable but also dangerous projects for you to finish. Will you agree with their insane plan? Will you be lucky enough to receive some extra help from those projects or simply summon disasters?

Specifically thanks to:
My best friend El Pugoo who helped me editing all those stories(I am not a native English speaker)
Awesome people I met on internet who helped me fixing coding problems.

As a high school senior with little coding experience, this is my first mod after manyo hours of studying and testing.There may be bugs still existing in this mod, if you find any, please contact me and I will be very happy to work more on it after Utopia is released.

Compatibility of this mod is not being tested. However, Vanilla files I have overwritten are fallen_empire_awakening_events, orbital_bombardment and War_of_heaven, together with some minor changes in events_2_l_english and events_l_english(localization).

Warning: installing this mod without playing the Axis may cause problems.
Since victory condition is being hard coded, I can not fire the unique victory window. However, you won as long as the final victory event is fired.
Read the story carefully. It is important to know what is happening in order to make the correct choice. Well you can choose to ignore them, but what will possibly happen next is a GG. Due to the reasons above, an ironman mode is NOT recommended

This mod is designed to be a tough mod providing challenges for players, so don’t play it if you just want an easy game.

I hope you guys enjoy this mod. Please feel free to contact me anything about this mod.

Fallen Kingerince
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