Brute Force Colonization Stellaris

Brute Force Colonization Stellaris

Updated for Adams1.6.1
Updated for Adams1.6.0
-April 22 – Habitat Error Fixed:: big thanks to Themonlight13 for their work on this!
-Updated for Banks/Utopia 1.5.1

NEW (as of May 23)

NEW (as of May 20)
• Toxic worlds may now be colonized.
• Molten worlds may now be colonized.
• Revamped all planetary graphics.
• Resources generate on all worlds as per normal.
• Added 13 new worlds with unique graphics, with more planned!

• Randomly generated starting systems are funky. Game generates a system heavy with gas giants, tomb worlds and asteroids. Cause: unknown. Fixing this is a priority, but is beyond me at this time. Temporary work around: change planet types at game start ( ~ planet_class pc_tropical etc.)
FIXED. Random solar systems now generate with a wide range of variability, ranging from very sparse number of worlds to very dense. Asteroids can and do spawn as planets and moons – however if they spawn as a planet, no orbital ring shows up for some reason. Thank you to Olterin for pointing me in the right direction.

• Terraforming: Not yet addressed. Last attempted implementation resulted in CTD’s when starting game. Cause: Probably typo’s on my part. Currently vanilla worlds should still be terraformable.
• Planetary Diversity has not been play-tested with this yet, and we still do not have a patch (though, at this point, you shouldn’t need one) – if you still want to use PD, just start on a vanilla planet, and it should work fine.

• Address (un)known glitches.
• Terraforming for all worlds.
• Expand the Gene Modification window.
• Address some minor graphics issues.
• Moar world variations!
• Possibly a PD patch, but with this expansion, I’m not sure it’s worth it. At this stage, this is a low priority issue.

Personal Note
Thank you for subscribing. This is has been, and still is a labor of love for me. Done largely in my spare time between work and freelance projects, I have done, and will continue to do, my best to make this an enjoyable mod for everyone. I enjoy creating worlds and creatures and sharing them with others. But my background is in art, not programming, so for those who have contributed in helping me clean up code, find errors and provide fixes, I am grateful. Thank you.

Olterin for figuring out how to handle that damn system generation bug!
DoriamVell for the Russian Localization
Oldstead66 for pointing out the Habitat error
Themonlight13 for fixing the Habitat error, the German Localization, and several other things done behind the scenes!

S.C.Watson, Themonlight13
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