Brunai Imperium Redux For Stellaris

Brunai Imperium Redux For Stellaris

Brunai Imperium – (1.7.2 Bradbury)
An update of the abondoned mod by LogicSequence No DLC is required, but I recomend Utopia, with the Government set to Swarm & Devour.

The Brunai. They appeared on the scene from seemingly out of nowhere. From the ashes of obscurity their dark and long-dead star appeared, and with it, a giant ringed world on which they have lived for countless eons. Little is known about the Brunai. They do appear insectoid in nature and it is believed they must come from elsewhere, but where precisely it is not known. These dark creatures are bent on the resurrection of their species to their former glory. Believing true power comes from the evolution of chaos and struggle, war is their constant companion.

“The Shift is complete. We have left behind those who would not accept The Gift; the gift of chaos, the gift of turmoil, the gift of evolution and progress. Before this it had been a million years since we had been driven from a place so completely. Only one warship from the Great Dark Legion survived to make the shift with us. The great ring, though intact and repaired, suffered greatly at the hands of those who would not accept The Gift. With much of our knowledge lost we must return to old ways and old science to begin again. We will bring The Gift to this place and all who inhabit it; as it has been since the beginning so shall it be again.”

— Vaal Z’ha, leader of the Brunai

Mod Features:
Custom empire with unique personality
Take control of the Brunai race, ancient, malevolent, and of one mind: to bring chaos.
All new custom traits:
Of One Mind (-67% Ethics divergence)
Immortal (Immortal leader lifespan)
Voices In the Dark (All scientists are experts in psionics)
Custom start in unique ring world system
New unique ring world with four habitable sections pre-colonized
Ancient and powerful pre-shift buildings remain intact on the ring world surface
Unique solar system with ancient planets, pre-surveyed and exploited
Unique ambience exclusive to your starting system
Custom starting ships
Start with a pre-shift cruiser with powerful weapons and combat systems
Start with more science and construction ships
New weapons, buildings, and technologies only available to you
(List of Technology Prerequisites)
Dark Energy Lances
Neutrino-Ion Beams
Dark Matter Projectors
Hyperspace Tap Power Cores
Bio-Organic Hull Armor and Strengthening
Unique Strike Craft
Planet Killers
And more!

The Ultimate Weapon
Take control of the Brunai’s ultimate weapon, the Planet Killer. This immense weapon-ship is capable of devastating or completely destroying entire worlds! Tired of sewing chaos by conquering those beneath you? Why not cut a swath of destruction through the galaxy leaving nothing but shattered worlds in your wake? Of course, there are always diplomatic consequences to these actions, but do you really care?

Vorlan System:
Can you defeat the guardians left by the ancient and all-powerful Vorlans? If you can, their ancient home world lies before you ready to join your empire. But be weary, defeating the guardians isn’t the only test you’ll face if you attempt to colonize this powerful world!

Ring Of Fire:
Will you brave the ring of suns to find the treasures or travesties on the outskirts of this colossal system?

Custom Events:
Custom events trigger throughout the game, in your darkest hour you may even find help from long, long ago.
Custom graphical culture, name list, personality, sounds, and appearance.
New and unique planet classes
And so much more!!!

Compatibility: I recommend playing with no other mods initially to see what this mod does as the changes are extensive. It should work with most mods. But be aware, it is an old mod, with a lot of tenuous scripting, so many things have been changed. You may have balancing issues or some functions conflicting. Only a few original files have be replaced to this end.

If you would like your own custom themed mod created, $30-$50, contact ADLER to discuss.
*This mod is a rework of LogicSequence abandoned mod by the same name. I have tried to walk a delicate path between updating his work & keeping the spirit of what it was. It is not a perfect port, but should give you 99% of the original’s functionality. Some scripts are no longer possible, or beyond my comprehension of what they origianlly did. I am unsure if all were originally functional. But it seems to work somehow, with a little love & duct-tape.

All artistic commons remain with the orginal author.

Currrent Bugs:
Ring Planet graphic on Colony List abscent… but its not the end of the world…
I am unsure if the Vorlan are in game??? They are such elusive things at the best of times.

Mod resurrection made possible by Brona

ADLER, Brona19 (Darth_Dakka)
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