Brave Civilians (civilian combat computers) Mod

Brave Civilians (civilian combat computers) Mod

Adds 4 new Sensor types that can be equipped on civilian crafts that adds a flee-the-scene behavior to the ships
Without this addon, any civilian craft caught in combat will actually move towards the hostile fleet. With this addon, they will move away.

I have only tested this with the Transport. But they’re all the same, so it should work fine. Please let me know, if you care enough.

Adds a new Flee-type behavior to civilian crafts like the Transport, Science Vessel, Constructor, and Colonizer. Any time they are engaged in combat, they will attempt to flee the scene.

Please note that their combat speed is absolutely horrendous, so I might add in some tech or upgrades that allow them to move faster in combat. For example the Transport has a base combat speed of 0.5, while the Corvette has 1.75 (modified by thrusters/afterburners, of course).

This mod is compatible with every other addon I can imagine.

The standard AI uses these sensor-computers for all their civilian ships (Fallen Empires and other event-empires like Swarm/ED/etc are not AIs, their ship designs will not use it).

The reason I didn’t add a computer slot on the right side was to avoid overwriting vanilla files, thus being compatible with a lot more addons.
The reason I didn’t make it a normal utility slot item is because those are impossible to restrict by ship class or type.
The reason I didn’t add them to thrusters or drives is just based on a hunch that less addons out there add custom sensor types than add new thrusters or drives.

Want to take over this mod?
I hang out on the NSC Discord server[], almost every day – even though IRC is far superior to this dogshit called Discord. If you want to talk to me, you need to @-mention me, and I ignore most of the channels on the server except the modding-discussion one.
If you want to take over ownership of this addon or any other in my profile, that would be awesome. And you can obviously ask me anything on Discord.

I do not read comments or forums on Steam any more. I can only be reached on Discord.

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