Better Zoom For Stellaris

Better Zoom For Stellaris

Ever wonder why when zooming out of a solar system the galaxy view was zoomed in to a unusable view, meaning you always had to zoom out? Me too… so I modded it!

Now exiting the solar system map will cause the galaxy map to start zoomed further out. All other zoom increments are still in place, this mod just changes the default zoom on exit – check out the video… it should make it clearer.

–Compatible with ‘Adams’ 1.6.x

Current Version
1.3 – Outliner locator has now been changed. Clicking on an item in the outliner will now display a larger longer-lasting green hexangle locator than in vanilla. I’ve created a new .asset so the existing orange hexangle locator (i.e. for tracking quests) is unchanged.

Version History
1.2 – Border name and border flags now fade in at the same level allowing for smaller empires names to be more easily read.
1.1 – New zoom [x602] created that shows fleets (as hides starname and resource icons).
1.0 – Default ‘exit zoom’ into galaxy map altered.

Other Mods
‘Better Zoom’ mod works well with my second attempt at modding ‘Smaller Resource Icons’

**Not Iroman Achievement Compatible**

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