Better Migration For Stellaris

Better Migration For Stellaris

This mod aims to make migration more of a factor in game. With POP’s migrating away from larger upgraded planets to smaller ones.
What is mod changes:
-Farms will pull in more pops while mines and power planets will push out pops with the effect being larger the more upgraded the building.
-Xenophobes purity statue now pushes out xeno’s with gives you a less purgy way of dealing with all xeno’s
-POPS may not wish to migrate away from Gaia worlds
-Starvation on a planet will have an large effect on migration. When space travel is easy, why stay where there is no food?
-Occupation will also force out some POP’s to simulate refugees * may not currently be working due to the way occupation is coded

* The changes to migration may not be seen straightaway on new games. Migration is effected by happiness and POP’s are less likely to migrate away from your homeworld. After 3-4 planets the effects should be seen.

-Changes the building files so will not be compatible with any other mods that also do so.

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