Better Gaia Worlds Stellaris

Better Gaia Worlds Stellaris

Adds a planet modifier for all Gaia Worlds, including terraformed ones.

During galaxy creation a Paradise planet modifier is added to all Gaia worlds. Additionally, all terraformed Gaia worlds will get the same planet modifier after teraforming.

Why this mod exists
Gaia worlds currently function as just a wildcard planet in terms of habitability. Previously they had a modifier that is still in the game files, but appears to have been forgotten. Gaia worlds take over 40 years to teraform, costing huge resources. At the point that you can make Gaia worlds there is no reason at all to make them.

This mod attempts to add a reason for Gaia worlds be to sought after, and possibly even fought over, without ruining the balance of a vanila game. It gives a modest boost to the planet. It gives a valid reason to teraform a planet to Gaia, even late game.

New Planet Modifier: Paradise
Gaia worlds on start, or terraformed, will spawn with the Paradise planet modifier giving the following effects:

Happiness increases 20%.
Migration attraction increases 25%.
Food production increases 25%.
Unity output increases 5%.
Cannot be used with teraforming mods that change 02_special_terraform_links.txt.
Planet modifier (Paradise) does not affect any vanilla game files and should work fine with other planet modifier mods.
Can be used with existing save files but will only affect newly terraformed Gaia worlds.
Currently only localized for:

German (credit: robobird3000)
All other languages via google translate.
Please post below if you can help with localized strings to include in the mod and I will update it.

My Steam Workshop page
I focus on making mods that compliment the vanilla game, so if that is your thing, please check out my steam workshop page for my other mods for stellaris.

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