More & More Better Civics For Stellaris

More & More Better Civics For Stellaris

This mod adds and changes civics with the intent of making them more unique and fun to play.
UPDATE MAY 7: (Will update pictures tomorrow)
Added civics Tranquil, Hedonistic, and Emancipators.
Several changes to prerequisites, added attraction for each ethos, and minor things
Atom Cult Vault City now buildable on tomb worlds
Distinguished Admiralty can build Officer Academy space module

Also, unfortunately I NEED to alter game files for some things. Here’s the files for compatibility use:
…commonpop_faction_types0_(all 9 factions)

Civics Added:
>Acolytes start with latent psionic POPs and chance at psionic leaders, and +30% psionic research speed.
Atom Cult:
>Start on a tomb world, can build vault city on tomb worlds, +3 unity from special tomb buildings, and +20% tomb world habitability, +50 opinion between atom cults.
Genetic Expertise:
>Start with several biology techs, clone armies, a clone vats, +3 unity from clone vats, and +30% biology research speed
Precursor Remnants:
>Start with one random precursor building out of three, +3 unity from precursor buildings, and +30 opinion from all fallen and awakened empires.
Castle Builders:
>+25% military space station hitpoints, +25% military space station weapon damage, -25% military space station building cost, and can build oversized space stations
Free Market:
>+50% trade attractiveness, +25% trust growth, -10% consumer goods cost.
>+5% energy, +5% minerals, +5000 max energy, +5000 max minerals.
>+10% anomaly chance, -50% migration speed, +20% FTL range, rulers can build oversized ships (TO DO: death to rulers on destruction of oversized ships/stations)
>+15% pacifist attraction, +10% habitability
>+15% egalitarian attraction, -30% growth time (TO DO: Better chemical bliss if possible)
>+15% xenophile attraction, +20% happiness without slaves, -50 opinion between emancipators and slaver guilds

Civics Changed:
Police State:
>-50% Faction Suppression Cost, +25% Faction Suppression Strength, -30 Unrest
Distinguished Admiralty:
>+5% fire rate and +5% evasion, -50% Admiral Recruitment Cost, can build officer academy space module.
Exalted Tribunal:
>+3 unity and additional influence, +15% governing ethics attraction, +15% spiritualist ethics attraction
Parliamentary System:
>+50% faction influence, -20% penalties from distance to capital, and +3 core worlds
Efficient Bureaucracy:
>Capital Buildings produce increasing influence, -15% ship upkeep, -15% building upkeep
Idealistic Foundation:
>+10% faction happiness and +10% pop happiness
Inwards Perfection:
>+15% unity, +5% happiness, -10% food consumption, +10 leader lifespan
>+1 leader pool, +3 skill levels, +25% leader experience gain (TO DO: leaders start with a second trait if possible)
Citizen Service:
-15% army upkeep, +15% naval capacity, start with a military academy and tech to build more, and gain +3 unity from military academies
>+5% research speed, +1 research alternatives, -50% scientist recruitment cost, and labs produce unity
>-30% consumer goods, start with paradise domes, and paradise domes produce +3 unity
Free Haven:
>Start with a visitors center, visitors center produces +3 unity, +10% other species happiness, +50 trust cap, +50% migration attraction.
Mining Guilds:
>Mines produce additional unity, +5000 mineral storage, +10% empire minerals
Nationalistic Zeal:
>Start with a unity symbol, tech to build more, +10% border range, +10% planet sensor range, +50% rivalry influence gain, and +3 max rivalries.
Slaver Guilds:
>Start with a slave processing facility, tech to build more, and +3 unity from slave processing facilities. -50 opinion between slaver guilds and emancipators
Functional Architecture:
>-30% building cost, -10% building upkeep
Cutthroat Politics:
>Monthly Influence +3
Shadow Council:
>-50% election influence cost, -25% edict cost
Imperial Cult:
>+15% authoritarian attraction, -50% edict cost, +50% edict duration
Corporate Dominion:
>+1 unity from power plants, +5000 energy storage, +10% empire energy
Agrarian Idyll:
>-30% hydroponics build cost and +1 unity from farms
Philosopher King:
>+5 Ruler level, +30 ruler lifespan, +10 general opinion
Warrior Culture:
>+15% militarist attraction, General Recruitment cost -50%, army damage +20%, army morale +20%.
Beacon of Liberty:
>+30% unity, +10% pop ethics shift speed
>+15% materialist attraction, -10% robot maintenance cost (TO DO: discount to building robots if possible)
Syncretic Evolution:
>50% tradition cost from xeno slave pops.
Fanatic Purifier:
>+15% xenophobe attraction.

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