The Belt Updated (1.4 Kennedy) Mod

The Belt Updated (1.4 Kennedy) Mod

This Mod is an effort to keep the original “The Belt” Mod up-to-date for the time being.
All credits go to its original Author [??] Atreides.
Original description:

Add a classical sci-fi idea, that also makes sense from a sci-fi economical point of view: the mining of asteroids and all its related themes.

– Adds the possibility to colonize asteroids (but no way to raise their habitability, it stays at 0%).
– Adds a new life support system building restricted to the asteroids that add habitability (80%).
– Added a range for asteroid size (between 5 and 7).
– Increased Ceres size in the pre-scripted solar system to 7.
– Added a planet bonus specific to asteroids (+25% mine tile yield, -30% building cost, -5% spaceships building cost, -25% ship building time and -25% spaceport module cost, -25% spaceport build cost and -50% border extrusion.)

New Events
– Growth of independent asteroid mining that can improve mining yield in asteroid colonies.
– Possibility to focus on searching for certain types of asteroids, carbonaceous ones can be useful for further colonization effort, while metallic ones are more attractive for the industry.
– Asteroid trajectory accident: accident can happen when you handle ten kilometers sized rocks, and it can have dire consequences.
– Possibility to create an orbit guard to monitor asteroids and prevent world ending scenarios.
– Possible death of the population if the life support building is damaged.

Incompatible mod files:
– 00_on_actions
– 00_planet_classes
– 00_planet_modifiers
– prescripted_species_systems
– 00_tile_blockers
– 00_habitability_traits

Inner Circle, Wilhelm Kaiser
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