Bee Mod Stellaris

Bee Mod Stellaris

The Bee Mod adds in a single new portrait, empire, and government type. The portrait is a bee-analogue which is fully animated. The empire is a post-humanity themed beehive and includes a custom earth model. It used the bee portrait and the custom government type, the eusocial collective. The eusocial collective is meant for players who want a true hive mind experience. It has a large ethics divergence decrease, a small happiness increase, and quicker growth times. However, this comes along with a small research speed decrease and a larger food need for population growth. The eusocial collective can also be developed into the eusocial collective later game, which has larger checks and balances. Overall, the bee mod will provide a lot of fun gameplay. It’s hip to play bees!
Bee texture – Hirvia on reddit
Code – Alexthe666

Gomikael, Petyr Baelish
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