Battlestar Galactica Namelist Stellaris

Battlestar Galactica Namelist Stellaris

Namelist based on Battlestar Galactica series (2004•2009). Created with Battlestar Wiki[] and original mod of Lichtius.

* Updated for 1.6 Adams Patch *

Compatibility : it’s a Namelist, so it’s compatible with everything.

Recommanded mods : Battlestar Galactica Music Addon of Sir Killsalot.

Future updates : add a compatibility with (-New Ship Classes & More v4.0-). If you have questions or suggestions, leave a comment.

Details of this Namelist

=> See list of all Civilian Ships
• Constructor Ships : based on Repair/Mining/Other Ships of The Colonial Fleet.
• Science Ships : based on Research/Medical/Other Ships of The Colonial Fleet.
• Colonizer Ships : based on Liners/Luxury Ships of The Colonial Fleet.
• Transport Ships : based on existed Liners of The Colonial Fleet and new names based on main planets of The Twelves Colonies.

=> See list of all Military Ships
• Corvettes : based on nicknames of known pilots of The Colonial Fleet.
• Destroyers : based on nicknames of unknown pilots of The Colonial Fleet.
• Crusiers : based on names and ship types of war ships and mentioned-only ships of The Colonial Fleet.
• Battleships : based on names of Battlestars and Battlestar types of The Colonial Fleet.

By default, stations take name of their own planets, so station names are useless…
• Orbital : Colonial Station
• Mining : Tylium Refining Platform
• Research : Graystone Indus. Laboratory
• Wormhole : Mass Relay (of Mass Effect franchise)
• Terraform : Terraform Station (not used in 1.3 Patch)
• Observation : Vergis Corp. Station
• Outposts : Colonial Station, Graystone Indus. Station, Vergis Corp. Station.

=> See list of all Military Stations
• Military – Small : based on background story and main planets of The Twelves Colonies.
• Military – Medium : based on nicknames of several pilots of The Colonial Fleet.
• Military – Large : based on names/nicknames of main characters of The Colonial Fleet, names of main planets of The Twelves Colonies and Cylons Basestars.

=> See list of all Fleets
Based on names of Battlestars and Battlestar types of The Colonial Fleet.

Based on factions of Battlestar Galactica.
• Defense Army : Marine Corps
• Assault Army : Sons of Ares Squadron
• Slave Army : Cylon Servants Division
• Clone Army : Crimson Elite Troop
• Robotic Army : Cylons Century
• Android Army : Humanoid Cylons Commando
• Psionic Army : Cylon Hybrids Force
• Xenomorph Army : Mutant Humans Legion
• Gene Warrior Army : Heracleides Section

=> See list of all Planets
Based on planets names of Twelves Colonies. By default, colonies take name of their systems, so planet names are useless. Except you choose “Random name” when you colonize a new planet.

=> See list of all Leaders.
• Males names : based on all males known characters (Humans and Cylons).
• Females names : based on all females known characters (Humans and Cylons).
• Regnal Males names : based on main males characters (Humans and Cylons).
• Regnal Females names : based on main females characters (Humans and Cylons).

Translation just for selection screen, not for the namelist.

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