Battleship Brainstorm For Stellaris

Battleship Brainstorm For Stellaris

This mod adds various types of battleship other than vanilla battleship in game.

Currently there’re 3 unique types of battleship:
– Battleship Mk 0
Ever wonder where’s those cool battleship design gone to and wanted to have them back? Battleship Mk 0 gives you all the ship part that’s unavailable since 1.3 Heinlein patch. Not only that, this battleship also provides a carrier section in bow and stern section so that you can build carrier-type battleship.
Battleship Mk 0 has more damage, health, armor, shield regeneration etc. than vanilla battleship.
However since this is Mk 0 design, a schematics that’s before the Extra Large Weapon can equip, there’s no Extra Large ship section for Battleship Mk 0.
[Prerequisites: Battleship Mk 0 Design Tech]

– Hybrid Battleship
This battleship is a very unique types of battleship. It allow various species ship section combine to become a battleship. So you want to know how Fungoid-Mammalian-Molluscoid carrier, Molluscoid-Avian-Arthropod Extra Large Weapon Battleship look like, you can try it out on this battleship.
Hybrid Battleship has higher evasion and armor than vanilla battleship.
Hybrid Battleship provides all ship sections (Extra Large Section and Carrier Section included) of ALL species ship sets. So far it include
~ Mammalian
~ Reptilian
~ Avian
~ Arthropoid
~ Molluscoid
~ Fungoid
~ Plantoid
~ Networked AI (thanks to author ECHO allowed me to use his asset)
[Prerequisites: Hybrid Battleship Design Tech]

– Loop Ring
This is not a battleship variant, it’s rather an extension on the vanilla battleship.
If you activate this mod, instead of 3 sections, this mod change vanilla battleship to 5 sections – 3 are the same as before, other 2 are designed to attach a loop to the battleship. Beware: the required tech is very expensive.
The loop provides 4 Extra Large Weapons, 8 Large Weapons and 16 Medium Weapons. This should give you enough firepower to even compete dreadnaught or titan or Fallen Titan.
*As I only adding 2 more sections to the battleship while preserve the original, other mods that provide sections to battleship (Overloaded Ship Sections, Balanced Carrier Sections) are compatible. New Ship Classes and More require a compatibility patch.
[Prerequisites: Bank’s Loop Weapon Platform Tech]

This mod also add Ascension Perks:
Drastic Times Call For Drastic Measure
– This ascension perk gives you Battleship Mk 0 Design Tech.
(You’ll need Battleship Mk 0 Design Tech, Spaceport 6 Tech and Galactic Administration Tech to unlock Hybrid Battleship Design Tech)
Cycle of Fallen
– This ascension perk further increase bonus damage to Fallen Empire and Awakened Empire, it also provides Bank’s Loop Weapon Platform Tech. This is a very expensive tech.
(Require Galactic Contender Ascension)

– Bardbury 1.7.2 update
– Ship Power Station mod compatible (hopefully)

Future Plan:
– Adding more battleship variants.

Any suggestion is welcomed. =)

Zeratul Vergil
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