Battlectar Galactica: Colonial space Mod

Battlectar Galactica: Colonial space Mod

**This is an updated version of my original mod and fix mod by Patchouli**
Mod that adds Cyrranus system with unique planet modifiers from famous Battlestar Galactica 2003 reboot. Build your own 12 colonies of Kobol, draw your own Red Line!

You would get 4 ingame systems to represent Cyrranus system with 12 habitable planets, 1 habitable moon, 1 terraformable planet and habitable Ragnar Anchorage station. This mod also adds Kobol, New Caprica and several other systems inside Colonial space mentioned during TV series, Blood and Chrome and webisodes. Last, but not least, this mod adds some custom systems to complete colonial space neighborhood.

This mod gives player gameplay advantage, so I would recommend starting with higher number of Advanced AI to match your power. I would also recommend playing with Continental preference and Adaptable trait. Also I really like to use pre-FTL start mod to focus on 12 colonies even more.

List of main colonies avalable:
Helios Alpha:
Picon – ocean world
Caprica – continental world (binary with Gemenon)
Gemnenon – arid world (starting planet 100% habitable in any case)
Tauron – arid world (increased habitability)

Helios Beta:
Leonis – gaia world
Pallas – barren world, could be changed to dry climate planet via anomaly event (one of “Outer” colonies)
Vigon – ocean world
Hibernia (moon) – tundra world (one of “Outer” colonies)

Helios Delta:
Canceron – gaia world (shares orbit with Hiesta and Aerilon)
Aerilon – continental world (shares orbit with Hiesta and Canceron)
Aquaria – arctic world (increased habitability)

Helios Gamma:
Libran – tropical world
Scorpia – tropical world (build your shipyards here ???? )
Sagittaron – alpine world (increased habitability)
Ragnar Anchorage (station) – 6 tile world (located in Ragnars atmosphere)

28.12.2016. “Pallas Redux” update
1) On my way to make “outer colonies” more interesting. First custom event in my mod. Recreating Colonial attempt to kobolform Pallas. Now Pallas is barren planet by default, but it have own custom anomaly! Completing anomaly on Pallas could lead to successful kobolforming as well as a complete disaster.
– On anomaly success Pallas would get moderate habitability buff and would change to savannah, desert or arid. And would get some nasty tiles.
– On anomaly failure Pallas would change to toxic or barren
– On anomaly critical failure Pallas would go molten ball of death and lava!
So if you don’t like Pallas as habitable world, just ignore anomaly)

2) New modifiers for Virgon and Hibernia to boost Helios Beta system as first colonisable destination. Added some Earth/Moon and BSG twist to them, just read the modifiers ????

26.12.2016. “Ragnar Anchorage and Titans” update
1) Various fixes of error log and several celestial adjustments. Still have no idea on Alpha mod compatibility issues.

2) Added Ragnar Anchorage in Ragnar atmosphere. It is 6 tile “station world” with 50% habitability and some good buffs for army recruitment and general defense. (unfortunately could not find modifier to effect robot pops ???? )

3) Added several brown dwarf systems. They are using blank icon on galaxy map and should give some breathing ground around Cyrannus system before next stars. At the moment there is no custom model for brown dwarf and I use some default stuff. Brown dwarfs use Titan names and Colossos/Colossi prefix to distinguish them from nearest stars. Also Titan names is a credit to Helios – father of Titans in Greek mythology.

It is big possibility that many celestial bodies were ejected during binary-binary system formation. Historically Colonials should exploit not only nearest stars, but closest standalone brown dwarfs too. By the nature of Cyrannus system as well as known lore, FTL travel was not so common. Colonials had perfected sublight engines and life support systems long before rediscovering FTL drive. All this made closest celestial bodies more appealing for exploring in early space age rather then closest stars.

21.12.2016. “Triada” update
1) Improved system generation order and fixed some bugs.

2) Added new star systems:
– Helios Zeta/Eta: Double star system
– Helios Iota: Neutron star with some planets
– Helios Triada: Triple star system

At last I like how it is merging together. We have 4 core systems, decent stellar neighborhood with custom names, and some distant destinations. My goal is to ensure that there is no habitable worlds in proximity to Cyrannys system.

19.12.2016. “Fixes and development” update
1) Changed Berdine to a tomb world from alpine. Make more sence in system with gravity resonances.

2) Downgraded Mellita to a barren rock from tomb world (yes I really wanted tomb world in Colonial space)

3) Made fixed tile set for Aquaria and Scorpia. They were low populated colonies. Colonising them would take more time.

4) Added new modifiers to Aquaria and Virgon to match description.

5) Boosted Sagittaron to be more life friendly and more alienated with other colonies.

6) Added custom Helios Neos system with New Caprica. It would spawn somewhere in the galaxy like Kobol.

17.12.2016. “Exploring the known space” update.
1) Fixed inability to spawn all 4 core systems of the mod. Now they should spawn on closest generated systems awalable. Still not as I want, but should work better than before.

2) Added Aeolus and Acheron asteroid belts to Helios Delta and Helios Gamma systems.

3) Corrected Aquaria to match “new planet system” and be colonisable on the level of other 12 Colonies. Also added volcanoes to match description.

4) Corrected Pallas to be more bad place to live for any biological life.

5) Added names to the moons of Pheidon in the Kobol system. Now they have greek female names starting from A ????

6) Added 4 star systems involved during first Cylon war. All this planets were mentioned or shown in 2003 show, Blood and Chrome and webisodes:
– Helios Iota-Beta system: Sector 12 with Djerba resort moon from Blood and Chrome, orbiting around blue star.
– Helios Kappa-Epsilon system: Icy planet from Razor flashbacks (made it remote sector 25, named planet Chloris)
– Helios Theta system: Medra, stinky jungle palnet with incects, mentioned in 2003 show (made it sector 9, orbiting Gas Gaint)
– Helios Stigma system: Place of Cimtar peace accord (made it sector 6, lonely moon around gas giant)

7) New planet modifiers for new worlds and Aquaria.

8) Added Helios Epsilon system to be “bynary” with Helios Stigma system. (not a 100% chance to spawn)

Really glad to be able to push the limits of such cool place like Colonial space. It is great that centuries of spacetravel were not only to wage wars in a single binary-bynary star system. Humanaty was always curious, brave and liked resorts on a remote icy rocks.

Unfortunately we have only several official names, all other planet names are following canon naming traditions. It is mostly ancient Greek and Roman names. Some of them are tied by its meaning with astronomical bodies, some of them tied by geographical positon, some of them just great sounding and follow “theme”. Also continiued canon tradition to name Stars “Helios Greek#” and tied it to Colonial sector designation.

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