Battle rebalance For Stellaris

Battle rebalance For Stellaris

Yet another rebalance of how battles work. I made it for myslef and my friends to use but thought someone might like it so… Patch 1.1.0 doesn’t really address most of the problems with battles, going the easy way out by just nerfing evasion. This mod rebalances all weapons keeping vanilla feel to them. It will not be compatible with other mods that rebalance weapons and ship components, but should work correctly with mods that add new stuff (like ship classes).

General changes
– (L)arge weapons deal more damage (no 1-2-4 scaling)
– Special effect scale with weapon size
– Energy costs of (M)edium and (L)arge weapons higher, energy production on (L)arge generators higher (this forces more choices in ship designer)
– No weapon has 100% armor pen, so armor is always slightly useful
– Cooldowns and ranges doubled, combat speed reduced, damage changed to compensate (simmilar to what ZBeautiful Battles does, also, your long range ships will shot a few times before short range enemies can retaliate)
– Evasion on thrusters down

– Lasers – long range, reliable damage, redused damage to shields, armor penentration, higher energy costs than comparable weapons
– Plasma – short range, reliable damage with strong armor penetration, reduced damage to shields, higher energy costs
– Massdrivers – very random damage, high fire rate, bonus damage to shields
– Autocannons – random damage, very high fire rate, short range, bonus damage to shields
– Missiles – now ignore shields partially
– Torpedos – unchanged, except for general changes
– Disruptors – damage down, but damage to shields greately buffed
– Monster weapons – buffed in various ways to give interesting options and make them worth hunting/researching

I’m open to ideas and suggestions. I also didn’t have chance to playtest late game enough ant there may be some imbalances…

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