Autism Namelist For Stellaris

Autism Namelist For Stellaris

Alphanumerical namelist appropriate for Empires based on hive minds, AI, stuck up Vulcans and other collective beings.

Updated for 1.6

When creating species I suggest you enter “First of” as ruler title (and heir title).

In the ship designer you find every class named […] D-00. This is the design number designator. When you upgrade the design, overwrite it, and then rename it to […] D-01. Then delete design D-00. Now you can order your ships to upgrade. They will receive the upgrades and be named […] D-01 class.

added naming convention for my other mod Mecha Armies. Standard game armies are sequentially named.

are automatically sequentially named. For some reason the empire window doesn’t preview that.

###Civilian ship classes
are named after their function, followed by design number designator.
constructor = “Builder D-00”

###Military ship classes
are named after their US Navy hull designator, followed by their section amount in roman numeral. This is followed by the Design number designator.
corvette = “FS-I D-00”
battleship = “BB-III D-00”

###Civilan station classes
are named after their function.
outpost_station = “Border”

###Military station classes
are named with a shorthand for Military Station (MS) and a number designating their level, followed by their amount of sections in roman numerals.
military_station_small = “MS1 D-00”
military_station_large = “MS3 D-00”

get a shorthand handle based on their class, followed by a randomized 5 digit number. You can see at a glance what kind of planet it is.
BRN-36807 – Barren Planet
TXC-68328 – Toxic Planet
FZN-90672 – Frozen Planet
MTN-35554 – Molten Planet
GSG-55765 – Gas Giant
DST-71140 – Desert Planet
ARD-20976 – Arid Planet
TPL-32008 – Tropical Planet
CTL-74214 – Continental Planet
OCN-67515 – Ocean Planet
TDA-58278 – Tundra Planet
ARC-38516 – Arctic Planet
NKD-50016 – Nuked Planet

are called Unit, followed by the Greek letter designating their hive / junction / pack and finally their individual number. Monarchs are the “First” of their hive / junction / pack.
Unit Alpha 28709, Unit Sigma 89345, First of Gamma


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