Astro’s Mysterious Universe Stellaris

Astro’s Mysterious Universe Stellaris

This mod is meant to make the beginning and early-mid game a little more exciting by increasing the sense of the “unknown.” The overall goal of this mod is to make it take longer to explore the rest of the galaxy and to introduce the thrill of discovery during the exploration process.

It does this by doing the following:
– All unexplored space is completely blacked out. This includes borders. For example, if you meet a new empire, you will not automatically see the extent of their empire unless you have also explored their space. This also includes hyperlanes.
– AI borders are closed by default. AIs will not have to like you enough to open their borders.
– Warp and Wormhole FTL ranges are decreased by 33%. This effectively makes some areas of the galaxy off-limits until you research additional FTL techs.
– Added two new techs each for warp and wormhole that increases the range by 50% and then 25% (this brings them almost back up to the normal range)

– 00_country_types is overwritten
– some defines in 00_defines are overwritten
– 00_map_modes is overwritten
– terra_incognita.fxh is overwritten

Known Issues / Future Improvements:
– If you have meet an empire, you can still see their planets in the unexplored space.
– Because of the shorter FTL range, sometimes you are stuck until you research additional FTL techs – especially on Elliptical galaxies. Ring and Spiral galaxies tend not to have this issue as much. I also reduced the minimum distance between stars to help mitigate this effect.
– To add to the galaxy’s ‘mystery’, I am working on disallowing Star Chart and Active Sensor Link trades.

Credits / Inspirations:
– Incognito Incognita by EvilVictor
– Hidden Hyperlanes by EvilVictor
– for help & advice

20170510: Updated for 1.6.x compatibility.
20170613: Made it so Fallen Empires’ territories are hidden in the fog of war, just like normal empires are.

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