Astro’s Galaxy Generation For Stellaris

Astro’s Galaxy Generation For Stellaris

This mod changes the way the galaxies form by adding new stellar objects and other things. Initially I wanted to make a mod with a more realistic stellar distribution (mostly red dwarfs, etc.) but these galaxies weren’t as fun. Besides, if you go along with the narrative that a huge galaxy has a LOT more than 1000 stars, maybe the 1000 stars that are on our star map are just the most interesting ones ????

Specifically, the following changes to galaxy generation have been made:
– 4-arm spiral galaxies are less uniform and more ‘noisy’ or random (this seems to make some interesting hyperlane and star cluster formations).
– Attempts to force all enclave types and guardians to spawn. On huge galaxies, all versions of enclaves have a higher likelihood of spawning.
– Star sizes are somewhat more comparatively realistic.
– Empires and primitives only spawn around stars that typically form habitable planets.
– Star spawn odds are somewhat more realistic.
– Star colors are more realistic.
– Some star-related anomalies were added.
– New star types added: O, Red Giant, Red Supergiant, Red Hypergiant, White Dwarf, L, T, Y, Wolf-Rayet, Primordial, and Binary pairs. Some stars have modifiers such as magnetars, carbon stars, microquasars, quark stars, and oxygen stars.
– New planet types added: Ice Giant, Hot Gas Giant, and Carbon Planet (with new skins as well).
– Some rare custom star systems added.
– Some more random empire initializers added.
– Removed the starting system neighbors (you don’t always get two habitable planets next door! This means that some starts will be more ‘lucky’ or ‘unlucky’ than others).
– ‘Advanced start’ AI empires will start with more variability in terms of starting pops, minerals, energy, influence, ships, and colonies. This will make for a more varied galaxy in the early/mid game.

– Events game_start.1 and game_start.5 was overwritten.
– The following files are ovewritten:
– spiral_4.txt
– 00_planet_classes.txt
– 00_star_classes.txt
– a_class_star.asset
– b_class_star.asset
– f_class_star.asset
– g_class_star.asset
– k_class_star.asset
– m_class_star.asset
– star_a_class.txt
– star_b_class.txt
– star_f_class.txt
– star_g_class.txt
– star_k_class.txt
– star_m_class.txt

Known Issues / Future Improvements:
– One of the future improvements I intend to do is to try and minimize overwritting the core game files. This will involve duplicating some things like planet modifiers for example, so it will take some time. This will improve the compatibility of this mod with other mods.

Credits / Inspirations:
This mod is a combination of some or all of the features of the below mods, plus some changes of my own, then tweaked to ensure compatibility. So, a HUGE thanks to the following modders:
– Soof’s Realistic Spiral Galaxy (4 Arms) by poptart connoisseur
– Leviathans (Guardians +Enclaves) Always Spawn by Seven
– Realistic Stars by danter44
– Realistic Star Colors by danter44
– More Star Classes by Kepler68
– Unique Systems Spawn 100% by had
– Asymmetric Starts by ButtJunkie
– More Planet Types by knuckey333
– More AI & Larger Galaxies by Bot14
– Cybrxkhan’s Assortment of Namelists for Stellaris by cybrxkhan
– Real Space by Annatar

20170420 – Added localisation files for other languages (note: there are no translations in there… they are just there so you will see the ‘friendly names’ of the new variables). Also, added the following:
– new planet types: ice giant, hot gas giant, carbon planet
20170425 – Change O-type stars to never spawn any planets (for a more realistic galaxy).
20170509 – Updated for 1.6.x compatibility, removed some redundant files, and edited others so that fewer game files are overwritten.
20170525 – Added ability for Gigantic galaxy (2500 stars, up to 99 empires). To accomodate this, I incorporated the most excellent namelists (with a few modifications for compatibility) from Cybrxkhan’s Assortment of Namelists for Stellaris by cybrxkhan. Doubled the minimum distance between stars from 2.0 to 4.0, to reduce overcrowding of star systems.
20170602 – Removed the “no guardians/enclaves spawn near to empires” flags from the latest patch from the solar system initializers.
20170613 – Added some additional gas giant skins from Annatar’s Real Space mod.

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