Asteroid recyclers Mod

Asteroid recyclers Mod

If you are using Improved Space Battles, you should subscribe to compatibility patch to avoid visual bug.

Yeah, I’ve seen Star Forge mods ????
But this is a little different thing. You can build Asteroid Recycler Megastructure only on Asteroid bodies(what a surprise) ???? They are pretty small, just big enough to envelop asteroid, like on screenshot. They don’t emit light and they won’t freeze entire system, like Dyson Spheres do.

But beware, they will remove any resource asteroid had before you build it.
Although you can build them in systems with other megastructures, they will block you from building vanilla megustructures in the same system. And yes, you can build multiple instances of Recyclers in a single system, if you have multiple asteroids there.

This mod uses Dyson Sphere model, because I can not make my own 3d models. FeelsBadMan
But there is a plus, mod is lightweight.

I’ve tried to avoid any changes to vanilla game, but couldn’t this time, nevertheless the only thing I modified is an ASTEROID_PLANE string in defines and I’ve used a separate file for that, so this mod will still be compatible with any other mods.

I don’t really know any mods, which may change that string and even if there is one, that will only create a visual glitch, if that mod overwrites my value.

Save game compatible.

You will need a Galactic Wonders Ascension perk to be able to build them. You’ll need 500 minerals and 100 days per stage and any stage will need constantly 10 energy for maintenance.

I was thinking about to make an event of depleting after maybe 10 years, but then I thought that’ll be very annoying in late game ????

And although I was testing it pretty hard, I might f**ked up somewhere, so I’ll appreciate any bug reports.

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