Ascellian Race For Stellaris

Ascellian Race For Stellaris

Adds a custom race for Stellaris with animated portraits. Does not include a preset Empire or any new starting systems, traits, etc.

No known compatibility issues with other mods. Up to date for version 1.6.x.

A feminine humanoid alien race with:
– 5 different body types
– 8 different eye colors
( red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, purple, violet )
– 24 different outfits
( red, orange, green, and blue scientist suits; ruler, governor, general and admiral uniforms; priestess robe; 7 citizen outfits; mining uniform & powerplant uniform, 3 slave rags, 3 purge rags )
– 20 different hairstyles, with alternative royal version for rulers
( long to shaven, feminine to masculine / androgynous )
– tile-specific outfit selection
( pop outfit changes depending on tile building)
– slave- and purge-specific outfit selection
( pop outfit changes to slave and purge presets if applicable )

I’ve done the math so you don’t have to. There are 19,200 possible unique combinations, excluding the royal hair versions.


Please note that the artwork used to create this mod is not original, though edited and adapted. Silfae’s work was used as an exemplary framework for the creation of this mod, and I encourage you to explore his Stellaris workshop

6/12/17 UPDATE LOG:
– There is now a 1 in 7 (~14%) chance that a farm or blank tile pop will be a proud mother ????
– Added outfit support for all event and habitat buildings
– Adjusted one of the hairstyles to better fit the theme of the others
– Unique combinations value increased to 19,200 from 18,400 (excluding royal hair variants)

5/29/17 UPDATE LOG:
– Fixed a minor issue that prevented the powerplant outfit from tiggering on Betharian powerplants.

5/12/17 UPDATE LOG:
– Checked and proved 1.6.x compatibility
– Added 8 more hairstyles with ruler variants
– Added admiral outfit, differentiated from general outfit
– Admirals and generals will now adhere to military hair regulations (Length not to meet the shoulders)
– Added priestess robes for all temple and monument tiles
– Various new outfit triggers for different building tiles
– All texture files have been updated to support higher quality alpha channels
– Tweaked voice line selection for the diplomacy screen
– Unique combinations value increased to 18,400 from 10,080 (excluding royal hair variants)

4/10/17 UPDATE LOG:
– Added string file to include default species, planet, and system name when the player chooses random

4/7/17 UPDATE LOG:
– Checked and proved 1.5.x compatibility
– Removed the alternative colors for governor and ruler outfits
– Redid the governor outfit entirely
– Edited the ruler outfit slightly to better fit the naturist theme of the species
– Added 5 body types with eyebrow and physique variation, accessible under the “Phenotype” category
– Tweaked existing eye colors
– Added 3 additional eye colors: yellow, cyan, and violet
– Added 3 slave rags and 3 purge rags, including appropriate event selection functionality
– Added 3 more hairstyles
– Made royal alternatives for all 12 hairstyles, limited to the ruler
– Minor outfit touchups to prevent wardrobe malfunctions with the added bodytypes

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