Aria’s Utopia Tweaks mod For Stellaris

Aria’s Utopia Tweaks mod For Stellaris

Update 1: Now added balancing for alien-weapons (mining lasers, flagella, etc), additional balance tweaking for reactor tech and tech tiering, minor rebalances.

This is less of a tweak, to be fair, and more of a complete combat overhaul.

This mod changes the values of almost all vanilla Stellaris weapons – it was inspired by the post about “naked corvettes”, and how its never worth to upgrade stuff.

The point of this mod is to make technological superiority much more useful, as weapons now scale much better into their upgraded versions. More than that, I’ve tried to improve the way Rock-Paper-Scissors work, with shields, armor, kinetics and lasers, resulting in weapons hitting for more, and shields/armor giving you more effect as well.

There is too many changes to list here, so i will make a topic in the discussions forum for this mod where you can read all the patch notes

NOTE: It is very unlikely that this mod is balanced right now. I will most probably have to adjust values for quite a long time before we’re at balanced stage, but it’s a start.

Will probably not be compatible with (or balanced against) mods that modify or add weapons.

Red Aria
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