AlphaMod: The Utopian Dream For Stellaris

AlphaMod: The Utopian Dream For Stellaris

Tweaking and expanding Utopia for AlphaMod.
Requires AlphaMod 1.7 and Stellaris: Utopia DLC.

Genesis Initiator
World-shapers can construct this around uninhabitable barren, molten and frozen worlds. There are three stages to complete and then the planet is turned into a living, breathing planet, capable of sustaining whatever life-forms you see fit to deposit on it. The planet is guarenteed to have three tasty planet modifiers on it and will not explode violently when a klingon falls off a ledge.
Credit for original design goes to: NHunter. Modified with permission.

Equatorial Shipyard
Unlocked by having both Voidborne and Master Builders. Built around a molten planet or a world with a large orbital deposit of minerals, this megastructure consists of two habitable rings. The smaller one, the Processing Ring, focuses on mining and processing of minerals to provide the resources for the larger ring, the Engineering Ring. Massive machinery quickly manufactures starships. Both rings can have a spaceport.
Credit for asset work goes to: Nikkle’s RingWorld Cluster
Credit is also due to Terran538 for his work on Planetary Ringworlds.

Auxiliary components and specialised station sections for turning Fortresses into far more powerful Mega-Fortresses. A tier 4 tech only available for research after researching mega-engineering, or immediately researched by having both Master Builders and Galactic Force Projection. See the slideshow for more details. Tech is given at the end of a year in a current save-game if you have both perks already.

Habitat Variants
Whilst Voidborne will make all the variants available, they can all be alternatively unlocked by a combination of technologies. Except the Advanced Habitat, which is only unlocked with Voidborne.

Habitat (Basic)
12 tiles. Specialises in physics and engineering research. Usually limited to construction around any uninhabitable planet. Requires: Voidborne or Orbital Habitats tech.
Solar Farm Hab
6 tiles. Specialises in energy production. Usually limited to construction around stars.
Requires: Voidborne OR Global Energy Management & Improved Deflectors & Orbital Energy Conversion & Ceramo-metal Materials technologies.
Mining Operations Hab
8 tiles. Specialises in minerals, natural fuels and ice production. Usually limited to construction around an uninhabitable ringed planet or an uninhabitable planet with an appropriate orbital deposit.
Requires: Voidborne OR Improved Spaceport & Mineral Processing & Fusion Power & Shuttlecraft technologies.
Advanced Habitat
25 tiles. Specialises in physics and engineering research. Usually limited to construction around any uninhabitable planet.
Requires: Voidborne.
Border Security Hab
6 tiles. 200% bonus border range and double the sensor range of a normal planet. Usually limited to construction in a system with a Border Outpost.
Requires: Voidborne OR Improved Spaceport & Homeworld Security & Fusion Power & Shuttlecraft technologies.
Habitat Buildings
Changes to vanilla habitat buildings, including:

Laboratory Complex is now a planet-unique science hub.
Solar Power Processors nerfed and restricted to energy tiles.
Astro-mining Bays restricted to tiles with minerals, natural fuels and/or ice. Produce natural fuels and ice in addition to minerals, regardless.
Vanilla science buildings no longer restricted.
Ascension Perks
Changes to Ascension Perks to make them less rubbish and more game-changing, including:

Voidborne can now be your first perk, and unlocks all variant habitats and Advanced 25 tile Habitats.
World Shaper now also gives you the Genesis Device technology and allows you to build the Genesis Initiator.
Galactic Force Projection tweaked – changed navy size bonus to +100 and then a 100% multiplier, and now also gives a +15% ship hitpoints bonus.
Master Builders buffed – now also has a ship construction speed bonus and minerals production bonus. Also adds the Mega Engineering research option.
Interstellar Dominion buffed – now also allows you two additional rivalries.
Defenders of the Galaxy buffed – now also do double damage to pirates.
Galactic Contender buffed – now do 50% more damage, not 33%, to Awakened FEs. Also Gives a +100 “Due Respect” opinion bonus with Fallen Empires and shortens the time for FEs to awaken.
Technological Ascendancy buffed – now +15%, not 10% to all research speeds. Additionally science building costs are reduced by 15% and Research Station build costs are reduced by 25%. Also adds the Mega Engineering research option. Now also unlocks constructing or repairing Think Tanks.
One Vision tweaked – Government ethic attraction is now 20%, not 30%, and unity output is increased by 25%, not 10%.
Consecrated Worlds has had its linked planet edict buffed and unlocks a new empire edict, Holy Crusade.
Mastery of Nature is still wildly OP (compared to the other vanilla perks).
Imperial Perogative buffed – now also reduces edict costs by 10%, increases leader pool size by 1, +1 influence gain per month and leader cap increased by 5. So you can put governers on those core worlds.
Planet Edicts

Perfect Homeworld: Unlocked by World Shaper. Restricted to use on the homeworld. Immediately increases number of tiles to 25. Cost: 150 Influence.
Master Nature: Unlocked by Mastery of Nature. Restricted to the standard 9 planet-classes. Immediately removes all tile-blockers on that planet, including normally unclearable ones. Cost: 150 Influence.
Hive Minds
Hive Minds can now take The Flesh Is Weak and Synthetic Evolution Ascension Perks. Please note this feature is WIP – pursue at your own risk until I say it’s finished and working.

More megastructures, better megastructures, variant megastructures.
New Ascension Perks.
Related events.
This mod modifies the following vanilla files:

This supplement is not compatible with Planet Diversity.

AlphaAsh, NHunter
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