AlphaMod: Tweaked Attractions Stellaris

AlphaMod: Tweaked Attractions Stellaris

Additional factions & factors for ethos attraction & faction happiness.
Requires AlphaMod 1.7 and The Cost of Living.

WARNING: This will likely make your game more difficult than usual.

The additional policies in AlphaMod will now also affect pop attraction to the various ethics.
The additional policies in AlphaMod can now also affect the happiness of various factions in different ways.
After supressing a vanilla faction, you can now subsequently ban the faction for 100 Influence. This will make the faction very unhappy ( – 50 ), reduce its attractiveness to pops by 90% and reduce the attraction of the faction’s guiding ethic by 90%.
New variant factions that tend to be more fanatical and have fewer happiness factors than unhappiness factors. See below.

Increase happiness factors of vanilla factions, to incorporate other elements of AlphaMod.
Add some more new factions.
Try and make interacting with factions interesting again. You know, more choices than suppress, don’t suppress, ignore…

Q- Why’d a demand disappear/appear?
Just like vanilla issues/demands, the ones I’ve added to factions can have prerequisites that must be met before the issue/demand can be an issue/demand. When something changes, the prereq for a particular issue/demand may no longer be met and it disappears. A good example – there is a percentage of egalitarians and/or militarists needed in the empire for the technologists to give a darn about restricted private research.

Q- I can’t get all the buttons to go green! arglebargledies
Not all the little buttons can go green. In some cases the max they can go is yellow. This is also the case for many of the vanilla demands. This particular design choice by PDX is driving OCDers even madder than they already are. Me included. Take your meds.

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