Advanced Traits [More Traits for Genetic Path] [1.6] Mod

Advanced Traits [More Traits for Genetic Path] [1.6] Mod

Recommended Interface Mods:
Advanced Traits Companion Mod

Here’s a mod for those of us who went down the genetic path in Utopia with only vanilla trait mods installed.
I ended up having more trait points than i knew what to do with, and not a lot of options, even with the advanced gentic traits unlocked.

Please note that this is not currently balanced with other trait mods.
for instance, Masters of Industry is mutually exclusive to Industrious, but If another mod also has a trait that is exclusive to industrious, you will be able to have both Masters of Industry and that trait.

I will work on compatibility with other trait mods but for now I guess we’ll have to follow the honor system ????

French Localization by EwieFairy

This mod also increases the amount of Trait picks to 6, which means you can add a few extra negatives to get those really good traits, without overspecializing too much. it does not increase the amount of trait points available.

Natural Farmers
cost 4
opposites “agrarian”
+30% Tile Food Produced

Masters of Industry
cost 4
opposites “industrious”
+30% Tile Mineral Produced

Entrepreneural Masters
cost 4
opposites “frugal”
+30% Tile Energy Produced

cost 1
opposites “nerve_stapled”
+20% Tile Unity Produced

cost 3
opposites “charismatic” “repugnant”
other species happiness +15%

cost 5
opposites “enduring” “fleeting” “venerable”
Species leaders are immortal

cost 3
opposites “wasteful” “conservational”}
Consumer Goods Requirement -50%

cost 3
Food Requrement -50%

Genetic Memory
cost 6
Leader Skill Levels +7

I have also added the first of the “Applied Negative” traits. These can only be added via advanced genemodding, and can be used to generate some extra genepoints.

cost -2
Food Requirement +100%

cost -2
XP gain -100%

Teh T
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