Advanced Sol (AlphaMod/25-tile) Mod

Advanced Sol (AlphaMod/25-tile) Mod

Advanced Sol for AlphaMod v 6.1
25-tile Earth and 25-tile habitat ring.

You will notice that in the Sol system (and only the Sol system) asteroids and Pluto (barren planet) are not colonizable. The reason for this is twofold.

First, there is already terrforming on Mars, Ganymede and Titan. Plus Earth has the habitat ring. This is already a big leg up for players without any tech requirements.
Secondly, I want to keep the custom pictures and descriptions for as many planets as possible. My modding skills are entry level and I’m not sure how to code colonizeable asteroids and Pluto while maintaining the custom photo’s and descriptions. Colonizable planets require environment photo’s, tiles, tile blockers etc.
I hope that makes sense and is acceptable. However please leave me your feedback. I can play around with the code a bit and see if I can figure out how to make Sol colonization work with AlphaAsh’s mod, but I also want to work on furthering the quality and components of the main mod. That takes precedence.

ɌƗȻꝀŦɆɌ for his feedback and help in beta testing the release.

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