Advanced Ship Sections Mod

Advanced Ship Sections Mod

— Compatible with 1.6/1.6.1 —

Adds additonal sections for ships and stations, a 6th reactor tier, and a Capital ship size. Also reduced the number of techs required for Tier 4 techs from 10 to 6, as I added quite a few T4 techs.

Added 4 Tier 3 Engineering techs, x Prototyping, which unlocks additional sections for that ship size, requiring the respective ship type and its assembly yard to be unlocked. For this purpose, Corvette and Destroyer Assembly Yards are now unlocked from their own techs, requring Spacport 2 and 4 respectively to appear.

After researching Destroyer Prototyping, a Tier 4 tech Escort Templates appears, unlocking sections allowing destroyers equivalent to Fallen Empire Escorts to be made. Similarly, researching Battleship Prototyping allows Marauder Templates to appear, allowing battleships to be more equivalent to Fallen Empire Battlecruisers.

For now, the additional sections are;

– Corvette M1 S1
– Corvette S1 +2 Point Defense

– Bow S4 (Escort Templates)
– Stern M1 +2 Point Defense (Escort Templates)


– Bow L1 S4
– Bow M3 S2
– Bow L2 S4
– Mid L1 M4
– Stern M1 S2
– Bow X2 (Marauder Templates)
– Mid L1 M4 +2 Strike Craft (Marauder Templates)

N.B. Cruisers currently have no additional sections, so the weight for Cruiser Prototyping is currently 0. While Destroyers have no additonal sections at the moment, Destroyer Prototyping is still needed for Escort Templates.

Increased the health of all stations, added a torpedo section, and all sections can now hold 2 Strike Craft. Additionaly added a Tier 4 tech, Megafortifications, which unlock a Light and Heavy Megafort section for Defense Platforms/Stations and Fortress. All Megafort sections have 3 Strike Craft Slots, upgraded Utility Slots, and an additional Auxillary Slot. The tech adds the sections;

Defense Platform/Station
– Heavy Meagfort: Weapons: 1L 4M +3 Strike Craft, Utility: 3L 2M 2A
– Light Megafort: Weapons: 4M 1S +3 Strke Craft, Utility: 3L 2M 2A

– Heavy Meagfort: Weapons: 4L 2M +3 Strike Craft, Utility: 4L 4M 2A
– Light Megafort: Weapons: 8M 2S +3 Strke Craft, Utility: 4L 4M 2A

T6 Reactor
Added a Tier 4 Physics tech, Dual Zero Point Power, which requires Zero Point Power. To compensate for the new reactor tier, I buffed the Enigmatic Reactors so that this reward from the Enigmatic Fortress is not eventually useless. For comparison;
T5 Power: S: +30, M: +60, L: +120
T6 Power: S: +40, M: +80, L: +160
Enigmatic Power: S: +50, M: +100, L: +200

Capital Ship Type
Added a new ship type, Capital, unlocked from the Tier 3 Engineering tech, Capital Ship Construction, which requires Spaceport 6 (Battleships). Capitals are essentially 4-section battleships, using similar sections with additional Weapons and more Utility slots, plus an additional Auxillary (So Capitals have 4). There is also a Capital Assembly Yard spaceport module unlocked in the same way as the other ship types.

There are also 2 Tier 4 sub-techs beyond this;
– Dreadnoughts, which requires Marauder Templates, unlocks the Bow X2 and Mid L4 sections.
– Carriers, which requires Escort Templates, unlocks higher capacity Strike Craft sections.

Capitals have compatibility with Advanced Ship Behaviour Modules.

Base File Changes
country_types/00_country_types (So AI builds Capitals)
component_templates/00_guardian_utilities (Enigmatic Reactor)
section_templates/other (Station Sections)
technology/tier/00_tier (Tier 4 Changes)

Any other mod that modifies these files will likely not work with this mod. I’ll probably add compatibilty for NSC, Realistic Ships, etc. later.

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