Advanced Jump Drives (1.7+) Mod

Advanced Jump Drives (1.7+) Mod

See Change Notes for the latest info.

06/15/2017 : Updated for 1.7, and following a suggestion, now tier 4 and tier 5 materalist jump drive is harder to get unless you have fanatic version of materalist.

05/09/2017 : Updated for 1.6.

04/06/2017 : Updated for 1.5.

12/5/2016 : Updated for 1.4.

11/13/2016 : By request, I changed the requirement of level 5 scientist to “higher than level 4” scientist. With this way, things won’t get weird when you use mods that gives leaders more than 5 levels.

I also added Curator scientists to have access to these techs too.

11/6/2016 : Now added tier 5 Jump Drive and tier 3 Psi Jump Drive with something more bonus other than bigger range. Also included language files so no more ugly capital words when language other than English is chosen.

11/1/2016 : After consideration and the fact that it makes the multiplayer desync, I deleted modified codings for first Jump Drive and Psi Jump Drive. This will get rid of duplication glitch and hopefully solves desync errors. While getting jump drive got harder, Paradox finally fixed “is_reverse_engineerable” code, so you can now salvage the tech from one of the fallen empire’s ship easily. Also you will get 50% of tech progress if you kill Dimensional Horror in Guardians DLC.

Main Features.

1. Adds total of 6 advanced Jump Drives. 4 for normal Jump Drive tech and 2 for Psi version.
You will have no problem getting first 2 advanced versions in normal Jump Drive technology, but the last 2 normal ones and the advanced Psi version will be tricky to obtain. You will need a right person doing the research.

2. This mod will be compatible with pretty much everything except ones that edits anything related to Jump Drive tech.

Planned Feature

1. Brainstorming!


1. Featured in a video by SirTristan.

Will pick sniper
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