Additional Ascension Perks For Stellaris

Additional Ascension Perks For Stellaris

Additional Ascension Perks

If you have ever played Endless Space, you must know the Dust. Now with this mod it’s possible for you to Ascension with the Dust. You are the Endless.

List of Additional Ascension Perks:
– Nanobot Mastery (player only): Increases building, army, ship, and megastructure build speed, and decreased costs.
– Dust of Endless (player only): needs the AP Nanobot Mastery. Increases building, army, ship, and megastructure build speed, and decreased costs. All leaders you have and all leaders you are going to have will be Dust Enchanted so that they are immortal and have better abilities. Gain the ability to instantly build ships with their costs ignored, using a big deal of energy and some little unity. This means habitats and planets without required-level spaceports can also build ships. Exceed energy and unity during later-game will also find their use.
– Beyond the Timespace: +100% jump drive range
– Superior State Apparatus: 2 additional civics slots; +2 monthly influence; +2000 influence capacity
– Personal Printing Workshops: +30% country minerals; +50 monthly minerals; +10000 minerals capacity
– Semi-Perpetual Energy Generator: +30% country energy; +50 monthly energy; +10000 energy capacity

Known issues:
1. If another mod changed build tech for vanilla ship classes, like level 4 spaceport for Cruisers, the planet edict to instantly build cruisers in this mod will still requiring level 5 spaceport technology to activate.
2. If another mod added new ship classes, like More Ship Classes, the new classes are not supported by the Dust.

v1.03 – Current
– Added 2 new APs: Personal Printing Workshops & Semi-Perpetual Energy Generator
– Superior State Apparatus can now +2 influence and +2000 influence cap.
– Nanobot Mastery & Dust of Endless can now repair your ships.
– Dust of Endless effects halved to make it as much as what Nanobot Mastery does.
– Curators no longer share the Dust.
– Added 2 new APs: Beyond the Timespace & Superior State Apparatus
– The vanilla file changes are removed for higher compitability. For now the 4th path can stand with the vanilla 3 pathes.
v1.00 Release version

Compatible with all other mods.

To Other Mod Authors
You don’t need my permission to use(copy) the features from my mod to make your own mods, because my works are open to and available for everyone. However, if you are in problem making your own mod, I will probably not provide any help.

Dazz & Kobato
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