Abandon Colony Stellaris

Abandon Colony Stellaris

Adds a balanced event based system for decommissioning colonies.

This allows the abandoning of colonies while maintaining vanilla game balance. Different ethics give you different choices for how you will decomission the colony, and they may have different impacts for different ethics. You chose the edict to decommission the colony and are presented with options. Once the option is chosen, you have 120 days to start the special project that completes what you selected. More extreme options are faster, but usually have more negative effects.

The mod contains:

New edict to initiate decomissioning a colony
New events with quality writing
New special projects for different ethics
New images to go with events/projects
Custom tooltips to provide details of options
Balanced and tested for both singleplayer and multiplayer
Why this mod exists
The number of colonies you have in the game has a major impact on many aspects of the game. For roleplaying reasons, you may wish to abandon a colony so that you can terraform it. This mod allows the abandoning of a colony under strict conditions in an attempt to maintain vanilla balance. There are significant negatives to both discouraging migration, and abandoning a colony.

New Edict: Decomission Colony
This edict costs twice the standard influence cost and is available to all empires except Hive-Mind (currently). It can only be used on planets that have only two population or less left and are not capital worlds. Immediately upon issuing the edict, you will receive an event that gives a list of options tailored to your empire. The tooltips on the options give you feedback on what is required, and what negative impacts there are.

New Special project: Evacuate Colony
This is available to all empires, regardless of ethic choices. This special project requires a colony ship to be in orbit for a full year. It evacuates all the colonists while still giving them time to prepare for their repatriation. While still the friendliest option, for those who do not have authoriatrian ethics there will be a slight negative modifier to happiness (10%) and unity (%5) on the colony for a period of time. Democracies will have this negative modifier for longer.

New Special project: Eliminate Colony
Only available to militarist empires this special project requires a level 3 general commanding an army. The armies will systematically hunt down the last colonists and eliminate them. This only takes your soldiers 30 days to complete however your empire, if not an authoritarian empire, will take a “exterminated colony” negative modifier which has serious impacts on happiness and unity for some time. Democracies will have this negative modifier for longer.

New Special project: Destroy Colony
Only fanatric purifier empires can utilize this. This special project requires a fleet with a level 3 or greater admiral and at least 2000 fleet power. Your fleet will obliterate the world using the force usually utilized for xenos. It is considered a great attrocity but is extremely quick. The world will be devistated including tile blockers and a negative planet modifier for a few years.

New Special project: Catastrophe on Colony
Only available to materialist empires or those with the World Shaper accendacy perk this special project requires a level 3 scientist in a science vessel. You scientists will secretly generate a huge natural disaster that will render the world uninhabitable. This will take your scientist 120 days and will cause permanent damage to the world. Your empire will take a small negative modifier called “colony catasrophe” for a year, regardless of ethic.

How to Abandon a Colony
Move all the pops away except for the last one/two.
Move vessel(s) required to complete special project into the system.
Issue Decomission Colony edict.
Choose an option of which special project to complete.
Send required vessel to complete special project.
No vanilla files have been modified.
This should work will all other mods without issue.
Can be toggled on or off with existing save files without issue so long as no decomissioning special project is enabled.
Currently only localized for English. Please post below if you can help with localized strings to include in the mod and I will update it.

My Steam Workshop page
I focus on making mods that compliment the vanilla game, so if that is your thing, please check out my steam workshop page for my other mods for stellaris.

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