!_SE and NSC buildings patch for Stellaris+ Mod

!_SE and NSC buildings patch for Stellaris+ Mod

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New Ship Classes & More v2.7 (Heinlein)
@CaptainX3 @Zyrixion @Crusader Vanguard @Tal Ara’nh @Borei

Stellar Expansion
@King Lemming

Stellaris+ [Buildings & Resources Module] @Wolin

What it does
This patch overrides requirements for NSC and SE buildings to match custom capitals from Stellaris+ buildings mod.

But why?
I’ve made this little patch mostly for myself but since there is no other patches, why not to share :/ I guess, not all players can make something like this for themself.

This is not balanced for now, I made only small tunes mostly to enable buildings. I’ll try to make it more balanced according to NSC, SE and S+ philosophy while playing more with this mods.

And yes, I’m not native English speaker D:

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