25 More Reactors + New Techs Stellaris

25 More Reactors + New Techs Stellaris

This mod adds :

5 New types of reactors
2 Subupgrades for all old and new reactors
25 new techs to research

==> Different Reactors in the game = (5old ones +5new ones)*3version= 30 different ones

Basic Reactor +6
Improved Reactor +4
Optimized Reactor +2

==> +12 per generation (10 generations 120 power at max / 60 cost )

costs are still half the power they produce
==> larger empire = stronger ships

Available in english and russian.

If you are wondering why you see more reactortechs at once then its a result of already researched techs in your save. For example the fusion reactor was stage 2 before and is now stage 10, which means that you can go on to 11 but still be able to research 2-10 which you would have needed if you started a new save ???? . Its still worth to research em as they grant you +500 max cash ????

If you find any bugs please tell me ????

If you you want to take my mod as a recource feel free to do it , a reference would be nice ????

for making the mod compatible with TFW’s Bunch of Ship Parts in module form ( not with his reactor module) and fixing the reactor bug aswell as updating it to 1.3.2

In8fini for the russian translation ????

Have fun! ????

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