[1.5 Compatable ]The Great Journey-Sail to the Halos Stellaris

[1.5 Compatable ]The Great Journey-Sail to the Halos Stellaris

——————————————————1.6.2 COMPATABLE——————————————————
1.5 Full Compatable

——————————-READ THIS BEFORE REPORTING BUGS—————————————-
For those get a crash when zoom in too close,please tell me whether there’s other mod actived when it happens.
Before reporting any other bugs,make sure it still exist under defult.

Do NOT use this mod with any of our previous mod like H.U.I or H.U.II

Differences between H.U.II include but not consist of:

Working flood events, created rebellion (Halo 5 )
UNSC-Cove war
High charity and activable Halo
Forerunner precursor archaeology
Forerunner Awaken events
Strengthened UNSC, Covenant ,Forerunner AI

All these are intended to create a halo uiniverse as close as possible to the orginal setting.But it would be a bit unblanced if you are playing as vanilla empire. If you want play a version with orginal stellaris experience with Halo Ships,races,weapons, try Sop mod or H.U.II
All Halo assets are used under Mircrosoft Game Content Rule
3d models are made by myself
Thanks mason and his H.U II Team for weapons
Update Log
Minor bugs causing crash in arpund 100 years fixed
Improved Forerunner AI( will clean the flood much more efficiently )
Forerunner can destroy a system by triggeringa suprenova (only during the flood crisis with a cooldown of 10 years )
Fixed bugs precursor events
New ship model –Key ship
Bug with auto design fixed
New slip space jump animation

New Ascension Perks
Mantle of Responsibility – Build halos and shield worlds ( Need to finish forerunner precrusor event chain )
Eternal Eden – Build High Charity (cove only )
major bug fixed
New technology:Path of the ancient-allow firing halos
New edicts : Active Halos
New civics: United Nations, Mantle of Responsiblity,The Great Journey.( Do not use them when creating your own country!)
Event description fixed
New tech icons

1.5 full compatable
add ascension perk high charity
add megastructure high charity
Plan: Will add halo and shield world as megastructure
bug fixed
Enhanced the flood AI under high difficulty (more aggressive)
Fixed Forerunner precrusor event chian.(A new game neede!!!)
UNSC Covenant war & Covenant’s glassing UNSC planets events.

The Created Rebellion
UNSC /Covenant races factions
Forerunner factions & events
Covenant expanding events
Flood event chains
Halos,shield worlds,ark,high charity,Onyx
Forerunner,covenant,UNSC ships.
Halo activition
Main Background animation
UNSC Inner colony and outer colony
Other minor stuff to fit the halo theme.

LordZarmack, yf22
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